7pm – 5on5 – Full court basketball (Beginner / Intermediate)

In Wednesday by Basketball613




Box Hill Basketball Courts


Each week we play a competitive game of mixed basketball. Once the ball has been tossed, there is substitution every 5 minutes during the hour. Maximise your fitness each game while we pump some tunes! 

Payment is made online, preferably 1 week in advance.

Players of various skills play at the same time. Experienced players lead their team against equally matched opponents. Teams are designated and randomised by the event organiser.

Points are totaled and the team with the most wins. Regular members earn Victory Points for every game their team wins, this can be used for free games.

Regular members bring your jersey, if you have not got one they cost $30 and are available for the game starts.

Loan jersey’s are provided to new players to identify which team you’r on, so you just need to bring comfortable clothes.

Our culture is what separates Basketball613 apart from standard league competition basketball. The rules are refereed by the players, for the players. We use the FIBA rule system.

Intermediate players are welcome, click here for details about finding out which group you are in. Beginners should start at our half court pickup games that start at 8pm straight after this event

Facilities: Showers, Parking, Trains(10 min walk), Drinking Water.

Note: Some details may change


AUD $14.00 /per person

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