Social Basketball in Melbourne for Active People

Compete in our Basketball Competition.  We expect everybody to play hard whilst having fun.

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5 on 5 Basketball

Basketball Games timetable

Basketball Games timetable

We start with the traditional shoot around, where people chat and warm up. Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced skilled players exist within basketball613, each group plays for one hour. Groups play separately.(2 subs per team)

We play Indoor Basketball weekly at

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The Instagram, Google & Facebook page is updated with photos & videos

Checkout the social basketball events archive page for recently played games.  Results can be seen for the full court basketball games we host. Some have pictures of the games.

Victory points are awarded to all the players in the winning team. We encourage team work this way and increase competitiveness. When you accumulate enough you can convert them into free basketball games, t-shirts, basketballs and more…

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Paid members can easily secure their position to play each week and pay less per game.

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Trade 100 of your Facebook friends for a couple of our real friends! We encourage social networking outside of the courts, events such as post game dinners, chats over hot chocolates, summer BBQs by the Yarra find out more about the social events.

Great environment to make new friends, expand your network and meet people who have similar interests.

We welcome all skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced. We have two separate groups: Weekend Warriors (Beginners – Intermediate) and Loose Cannons (Intermediate – Advanced) which runs at separate times at our Kensington venue.

Message if your interested in personal training and coaching.


Basketball in Melbourne
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Basketball in Melbourne
Basketball in Melbourne your going to get fit and if you put yourself in, you'll make a couple of friends along the way. We expect everybody to play hard and really have fun.