Groups skill levels

In help by Basketball613

All new members are encouraged to attend the ‘Weekend Warriors’ group, what’s that? We have 2 sub-groups each with different players.

  • Weekend Warriors consist mostly of intermediate skilled players with some beginners . We play in a fun and supportive environment so that players can practice to improve their game from week to week.
  • Loose Cannons group consists of mostly advanced skilled players with some intermediate skilled players. This game will be a more challenging and  faster paced session for well seasoned competitive players, who know their position on the court and can co-ordinate plays.
  • All groups. Sometimes we have limited space or time, therefore games will merge both groups together.
  • Pickup Games informal and casual game of varying skill levels. The first 10 minutes is warm up and shooting, which leads into a game often a half court 4 on 4 game.
If you have been put into a group, remember that this is not permanent, the decision is not based on whether you’re bad or good. A key indicator of an advanced player is when we notice that your team members are lifted by your humble presence and your not just dominating by scores.