Warning Victory Points Expiring
Victory Points Top 20 2017

Victory Points Top 20 2017

Victory Points

Victory Points (VP’s) are awarded to encourage team work and increase competitiveness.

Each player on the winning team is awarded a Victory Point.

Leader Board

We keep a Victory Points Leader Board (example shown). The statistics include the overall win percentage of a player or squad

Convert VP’s to merchandise OR stay on the top of the Leader Board!

These points can be converted into the following:-

How to exchange VP’s?

To exchange your Victory Points for a free game, simply visit the members area and select the game you wish to play. To exchange for a gift, please email your request to [email protected] and it will be delivered at the next game you attend.

Important note!

Your Victory Points only last for a limited time usually around 12 months. After this time they will be expire, unless you have a prior agreement with the organisers.